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Daytrader Board Game Woman

Five Star Review - Amazon Customer

My 10 and 12 year old boys LOVE this game! I like the fact that the instructions are easy to understand and we can play a game in under an hour.


Five Star Review - Amazon Customer

Awesome, awesome game! Was looking for a game that took less time than Monopoly, and was also relevant to me and my friends. This game is great for 2 people, or 6 people. It's fun, competitive, and makes me want to get out there and DAY TRADE! Game design is awesome, the board and pieces are great to look at, and I wholeheartedly recommend this game to anybody who wants to have an ounce of fun. 10 stars if I could.


P.S. Watch out for the volatile market cards 😉

Daytrader Man
Daytrader Board Game Woman


Five Star Review - Amazon Customer

This game is a lot of fun. My son is nine years old, and he, my husband, and I play this game together. I was at first skeptical that it might be difficult for my son, but it is not difficult at all, and it makes him think about saving money, planning for retirement, investing, etc. You can never start too young encouraging your children to save money for their future.


This game is optimal for 3-4 people to play. It takes about an hour to play the game, which is a good length of time. We love it!


Five Star Review - Amazon Customer

This game is a fun for people who like monopoly, and it also teaches some of the concepts of the financial markets and business management decisions in a way that kids don't really know they're learning. It takes a little time to get the rhythm down the first time you play - to keep track of the rules - and my son (12) was very overwhelmed serving as banker because in some cases, he had to pay four people different amounts of money in the same turn. However, it's overall a fun, fast-paced game, and we're looking forward to playing it again. My son just said that he won't be banker next time!

Daytrader Board Game Woman
Daytrader Man


Five Star Review - Amazon Customer

I love this game. Wouldn't it have been nice if Monopoly actually taught you something, could be played in a reasonable amount of time, and featured actual CHOICES? well, Daytrader does all those things. Buy it.

"We promise: It's legitimately a lot of fun."

- Pure Wow

"Monopoly-Style Game For The Hedge Fund Age"

- Fast Company

"Your New Holiday Board Game."

- Inside Hook

"Is Daytrader The Next Monopoly?"

- Bloomberg TV

"It's a perfectly fun and educational activity parents can spend time with their kids doing."

- Trend Hunter

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