Daytrader Board Game F.A.Q.


How close is Daytrader Board Game to actual Day Trading?

Essentially, Daytrader is to the stock market as Monopoly is to real estate. In order to create an exciting playing experience we broke down the complex nature of the stock market into its core components. What we ended up with is very approachable overview of how the stock market works. Anyone, ages 10 and up, will enjoy playing Daytrader many times!


Does Daytrader take less time to play than Monopoly?

Definitely! A game with two players can last less than 30 minutes, while a game with 4 - 6 can last anywhere between an hour to two hours. Add 10 - 15 minutes for first time players.


Is Daytrader Board Game educational?

Daytrader has a big educational twist. All players are exposed to 5 basic concepts of finance, they are: 1) The value of work to earn money 2) Importance of savings 3) Investing basics (buy low / sell high) 4) Retirement planning, and 5) Risk. These concepts are seamlessly incorporated into every fun game of Daytrader.


Is Daytrader cut-throat, back-stabbing and ruthless?

Players can work with or against each other in a variety of ways. However, volatility plays a big role in Daytrader so helping or hurting a player on one turn may work for, or against, you on the next.


Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we offer special shipping options to Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Mexico. Please contact us to learn more. Daytrader is also available on Amazon Canada.


Is Daytrader Board Game available at Target, Wal-Mart or Barnes and Nobles?

Currently, Daytrader is only available online. We hope to expand into retail stores eventually, so please help us out by asking your local store for the Daytrader Board Game!



Still have a question?

Please don't hesitate to contact us, we look forward to helping you!