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The Story

Daytrader Board Game was created by 3D computer animator, Samir Lyons, when he realized that his personal investing felt very similar to a game. Because of this he had the thought to create a game about the modern day Stock Market that wide audiences could play, and even learn from. It wasn't long after that moment that Samir and his girlfriend played the first iteration of, what is now known as Daytrader, on the back of a pizza box. From there, Samir spent many hours play-testing and adjusting the game mechanics so that the complex nature of Finance felt easy and approachable while playing as a game. With the help of design studio, Italic, Daytrader was not only thrilling to play but looked beautiful too.


Eventually, Samir was able to raise just over $20,000 with a crowdfunded Kickstarter campaign to help with manufacturing costs for an initial run of games. Daytrader has been selling online ever since.



Samir grew up in a house where Finance and concepts of money were talked about a lot, so investing was something that he felt comfortable with as he began making money in his career. Unfortunately, not everyone has an opportunity to learn the basic concepts of money and Finance as Samir did. Some public schools are beginning to incorporate basic lessons into their classes that can help students become more familiar with the fundamentals, but most schools are limited in many ways as it's not a core part of the curriculum.


Daytrader Board Game was designed in a way that allows anyone, ages 10 and up, to quickly start playing, and learning some of the most basic concepts of Finance.  There is no knowledge of Finance required to play. Basic concepts are seamlessly built into every game of Daytrader so players are not only exposed to, but also becoming more comfortable with Financial terms and concepts without even realizing it. Some of the concepts incorporated are: the value of work to earn money for things you need or want, the importance of having savings, investment basics like buy low and sell high, the importance of retirement planning, and learning how to prepare for or deal with risk. By learning Financial principles in a fun way, Samir believes, will allow any individual the opportunity to familiarize themselves with terms and practices that would otherwise be ignored, which is a positive step in the right direction.


Happy Trading

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